He Left

The sky had the color of dried leaves. The tangerine colored sun slowly hid behind the dark calm sea. The cold sea breeze gently brushed my hair from left to right. As I closed my eyes I could feel strands of hair tickling my face. The room was so still and so calm, making me think that everything in my life had already stopped but with the birds’ chirping, the sound of the wind hitting the light bamboo-door and the whispers of the waves kissing the shore only to go back to the sea gain, had made me face reality that the world doesn’t stop, it absolutely wouldn’t stop for me, not for anyone else. It was so peaceful yet so deafening. As I slowly opened my eyes, I got afraid. Afraid that this serenity might had to end. Then a loud cry emerged.

I turned around and it was my mother’s cry. She seemed to age 10 years more than her actual age. She was kneeling beside the bed holding my brother’s cold hand. He was there, lying, groaning in agony. Trying to open his tired eyes only for tears to flow. His breathing, was so heavy that I could hear the air pounding in his weakened chest.  My mom held his hand tighter. With her voice cracking and eyes filled with tears, she whispered in his ears “Don’t you ever give up!”

I stood there watching my father stroking my brother’s hair. As tears fell from his eyes he maintained that cold look on his face. In a matter of 3 months His hair had already turned into gray and lines on his forehead had become even more visible.

My older sister with swollen eyes silently wept while hugging my 5-year old niece who might had not fully understand what was happening with his favorite uncle yet she cried while watching us cry.

My knees were trembling and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even talk for my throat was so dry for words to come out. My eyes had been blurred with the tears that kept from flowing.

The sound of birds’ chirping, of the waves and of the wind had been replaced by the sound of woes. His heavy breathing began to slow down, his eyes stopped from twitching, he has slowly let go of my mother’s hands he sighed so hard and then there was complete silence. Silence that would echo in my ears until it hurts so much. I could then hear the nonexistent flat line. He left.

I fell on my knees and my tears continued to fall. My mom sobbed so hard and hugged him so tight. My father kissed his forehead while whispering a prayer and he said “Please take my son Oh Lord! He has already come back to where he came from and to where he truly belongs, in your arms My Lord. Don’t let his soul wander in this world, Welcome him in your Kingdom my Lord”. My sister even cried harder and my niece, still crying but she might now have an idea on what’s going on.

As though Heaven mourned with us, came the heavy rain. Our loud cry had been overshadowed by angry thunders and the sound of heavy raindrops. We cried until there were no more tears to cry. We did not speak as there would be no words that could lessen the pain. We just hugged each other and had let ourselves grieve and be vulnerable on that moment.

Two hours had passed and the rain had stopped and the room became silent again. The waves, the wind, the insects had made their presence known once again. Then there was the five of us looking his lifeless body. His face, so peaceful and free from pain. His body that had been weakened from fighting his biggest battle was so frail and thin. Everything about him seemed to be already gone.

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