“Remember in High School, you had a fight with A and she told you this and that and you replied back with something so hilarious? Watching both of you bicker was really funny.”

“Yes, I do remember that instance. We were really immature back then. Don’t you remember?”

“Huh? Uhmm? Haha. When did that happen? Oh really? Haha”

When people around you recall a moment or an event that you were involved and they talk about it like it just happened yesterday. And, you’re just in the corner trying to regain that memory. It might have been stored somewhere in your brain but with much effort you couldn’t seem to remember it at all. You sometimes doubt those people. They might be just doing some pranks and might have been just making up stories just to blow your mind.

Then it got you thinking. What if  you lost most of the memories on a certain stage of your life? What if you’ve buried them deep in your subconscious because you were so hurt? Maybe your brain just decided to remove some memories? Was it just a defense mechanism? If that were the case, why does your brain still remember those painful events?

As you know in Psychology, the more emotional invoking the event is the more likely you are to remember it. Hence, every painful, embarrassing and annoying memory in High School is still vivid in your mind. But, because you were so persistent on forgetting them, the neutral memories and happy memories got forgotten instead.

Maybe the reason why you were not a fan of your high school years because you could easily associate it to the tears that you’ve had shed. It seemed like the bad events outweighed the good events when it barely comprised 20% of the entirety of your high school life. Maybe your High School life was not that grotesque as how you pictured it to be. Maybe it was just a byproduct of how your brain twisted everything. Maybe High School was a marvelous stage of your life that had just been branded negatively because you were deeply wounded by the people who mattered the most to you at that time.

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